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Undivided Attention: The Small Choir of St. Brandon’s School – ‘Bright Eyes’

In late 2013, a month or so shy of his 4th birthday, my son discovered death. Whenever we talked about someone who wasn’t there or saw a photograph of a […]


Undivided Attention: Gareth Williams & Mary Currie – ‘Breaststroke’ / Hymn to South London

The centrelessness of South London, where I was born and bred, has always fascinated me. While north of the river Thames lies the pull of Central London – the tourist […]

Red House Painters, Down Colorful Hill

Undivided Attention: Red House Painters – ‘Michael’ / Remembering Tim Guest

Great songs about male friendship are few and far between. In fact, it’s a subject rarely discussed anywhere – though there have been some recent attempts to do so. In […]

The monolith in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Undivided Attention: Digital – ‘S.O.S. Space Funk’

The first sound is everything: a high-pitched stab, a flash of sonic lightning, an alarm. It’s more tone than note, more noise than music. And it’s the sound that makes […]

Tricky & Martina Topley-Bird, Maxinquaye album sleeve (1995)

Undivided Attention: Tricky vs Gravediggaz – ‘Tonite Is A Special Nite’

For me, this is Tricky’s masterpiece: a B-side on an EP that was itself a footnote to the much-hyped and rightly-loved Maxinquaye album. If you’ve never heard it before, I’m […]