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Undivided Attention: The Small Choir of St. Brandon’s School – ‘Bright Eyes’

In late 2013, a month or so shy of his 4th birthday, my son discovered death. Whenever we talked about someone who wasn’t there or saw a photograph of a […]


Undivided Attention: Gareth Williams & Mary Currie – ‘Breaststroke’ / Hymn to South London

The centrelessness of South London, where I was born and bred, has always fascinated me. While north of the river Thames lies the pull of Central London – the tourist […]

Red House Painters, Down Colorful Hill

Undivided Attention: Red House Painters – ‘Michael’ / Remembering Tim Guest

Great songs about male friendship are few and far between. In fact, it’s a subject rarely discussed anywhere – though there have been some recent attempts to do so. In […]

The monolith in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Undivided Attention: Digital – ‘S.O.S. Space Funk’

The first sound is everything: a high-pitched stab, a flash of sonic lightning, an alarm. It’s more tone than note, more noise than music. And it’s the sound that makes […]

Roland from Grange Hill (1982)

EXCLUSIVE: Nightingale – Riding Wild

I first met Jimi Nightingale on a warm summer’s evening 20 years ago, when we were both in our teens. We were on an old slam-door train pulling out of […]

Mix: His Lips are Warm and Sweet

You could write a history of 20th century music that focuses on its subject through the lens of tempo. Take the career of Miles Davis for example and follow him, […]

Washed Out, Life of Leisure EP cover photo

Facebook Can Wait

I want to explain why it’s inspiring to listen to music. When I say listen, I don’t mean listening while you work or wash up or answer emails. I mean […]

Punk Authority, Pete Swanson

Freshly Pressed #3: ‘Life Ends at 30’ by Pete Swanson

Don’t adjust your speakers. And don’t recoil in horror and turn this off instinctively! With ‘Life Ends at 30’ (Oh Christ, did it really?) Pete Swanson has created something truly […]

Richard Youngs

Can’t Live Without… #3

At the end of Can’t Live Without… #2 I mentioned how genre could be a beautiful thing. Oftentimes we hear musicians playing with the idea of what genre their music […]

Tricky & Martina Topley-Bird, Maxinquaye album sleeve (1995)

Undivided Attention: Tricky vs Gravediggaz – ‘Tonite Is A Special Nite’

For me, this is Tricky’s masterpiece: a B-side on an EP that was itself a footnote to the much-hyped and rightly-loved Maxinquaye album. If you’ve never heard it before, I’m […]